Welcome to the gulag! We bear all.

Narcissing herself in the double glass.

KL. Early 30s. Queer.

I love: comics, tattoos, poetry, poetry about comics, cravats, and banjos. I write things. I am not a giraffe. 100% of my vaginas are haunted. One day I would like to be uploaded to a computer.

The last part of the Dick/Bucky is done now!

I just need to figure out where to split it, since it’s about as long as the last update and I don’t like posting more than a thousand words in a single Tumblr post. Not made for long form blogging, this one. 

After that I’m going to let it sit for a bit and then go back and actually edit it and post the whole thing to A03. I’m quite surprised I came to a conclusion on this, since I started it based on some silly comment of Lisa’s and god knows there are a lot of documents wasting away in my Google Docs based on people’s silly comments. I will say that I’ve learned lessons in about serializing things and posting first drafts through this process. For instance, at some point I switched from present tense to past tense. Sorry about that. The fixed up one will probably end up in past, since that’s where I’m most comfortable. 

So yes, the first small victory of NaNoWriMo 2012 is out of the way! Now on to the John Blake Noir AU, because god forbid I write the actual novel I’m dancing around.