You're a cold heart, girl.

Narcissing herself in the double glass.
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He’s a ghost

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six fanfictions i am currently craving: 

  • the steve rogers and bucky barnes are really mad about these newfangled bananas show, starring steve rogers and bucky barnes, who are really mad about these newfangled bananas
  • this same fic, five more times

I got three paragraphs into reading the article and never want to eat another banana again

I always think of the old Cary Grant monologue from People Will Talk: 

Sauerkraut belongs in a barrel, not a can. Our American mania for sterile packages has removed the flavor from most of our food. Butter is not served out of wooden tubs, and a whole generation thinks butter tastes like paper. There was never a perfume like an old-time grocery store. Now they smell like drugstores, which don’t even smell like drugstores anymore.

Suddenly jellosushi's request from the snippet meme makes 100% more sense. 

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You are the people the rest of us accidentally bury.
A rousing endorsement from my friends. 


Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

Forreal I am constantly seconds away from writing sonnets about this white boy. I haven’t thought about sonnets in years. If you told me to identify a structure of a sonnet or else my family will burn, I would tell you, “Well, I guess I just made peace with their deaths.”

But here I am. On wikipedia. Looking up “sonnet.” There’s seven different types of sonnets. That’s one rhyming scheme per sex position I wanna see Sebastian Stan in, AND I’M GONNA WRITE THEM ALL.


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Tony doesn’t share Steve

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But why aren’t there six albums like Hot Fuss

Everyone wants to be Batman, but everyone should be Captain America.