Welcome to the gulag! We bear all.

Narcissing herself in the double glass.

KL. Early 30s. Queer.

I love: comics, tattoos, poetry, poetry about comics, cravats, and banjos. I write things. I am not a giraffe. 100% of my vaginas are haunted. One day I would like to be uploaded to a computer.

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Song: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Artist: The Animals
Album: Retrospective
Played: 38 times.

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood | The Animals

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Fact: Today (September 23rd) is bisexuality awareness day. Be aware of bisexuals. They are dangerous.

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If you give a bisexual a cookie, she will most definitely also eat your cupcakes.

If you give a bisexual a cookie, she will most definitely also eat your cupcakes.

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With the setting sun it’s mostly okay.
Bowie in my earbuds, Heidegger under
my fingers, stoking my heart with words
that were never meant to be
of consequence to me. I
almost missed him. God,
he looked so like you.
I almost swallowed my heart.

I’m learning that I don’t know how
to fall in love with men if I can touch them.
Maybe it gets in the way of the feeling, or
maybe I’m afraid of their blood,
hotter than mine through their skin,
seeking to conquer and burn. 

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One cannot, in fact, talk about and deal with Nothing as if it were a thing, such as the rain out there, or a mountain, or any object at all; Nothing remains in principle inaccessible to all science. Whoever truly wants to talk of Nothing must necessarily become unscientific. But this is a great misfortune only if one believes that scientific thinking alone is the authentic, rigorous thinking, that it alone can be and must be made the measure even of philosophical thinking. But the reverse is the case. All scientific thinking is just a derivative and rigidified form of philosophical thinking. Philosophy never arises from or through science. Philosophy can never belong to the same order as the sciences. It belongs to a higher order, and not just “logically”, as it were, or in a table of the system of sciences. Philosophy stands in a completely different domain and rank of spiritual Dasein. Only poetry is of the same order as philosophical thinking, although thinking and poetry are not identical. Talking about Nothing remains forever an abomination and an absurdity for science. But aside from the philosopher, the poet can also talk about Nothing—and not because the procedure of poetry, in the opinion of everyday understanding, is less rigorous, but because, in comparison to all mere science, an essential superiority of the spirit holds sway in poetry (only genuine and great poetry is meant). Because of this superiority, the poet always speaks as if beings were expressed and addressed for the first time. In the poetry of the poet and in the thinking of the thinker, there is always so much world-space to spare that each and every thing—a tree, a mountain, a house, the call of a bird—completely loses its indifference and familiarity.
Martin Heidegger, Introduction to Metaphysics
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Of course, everyday understanding believes that one has knowledge when one needs to learn nothing more, because one has finished learning. No. The only one who knows is the one who understands that he must always learn again, and who above all, on the basis of this understanding, has brought himself to the point where he continually can learn. This is far harder than possessing information.
Martin Heidegger, Introduction to Metaphysics
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Today I was hating myself. And then I was hating me for hating myself. It’s a vicious cycle. And then I punished myself by buying a book by a philosopher I don’t like. I don’t know. It made sense in my head. 

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lisapizza made me the best of cakes.

lisapizza made me the best of cakes.

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[From All-New Ultimates #4, 2014.]



[From All-New Ultimates #4, 2014.]

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Imagine your icon sitting at the end of your bed naked as you walk into your bedroom 

Look, if I came home and saw myself sitting naked on the end of the bed, the fact that I was NAKED would be the least weird thing about it. Also the most easily fixed, since she would be ten feet from a CLOSET FULL of clothing that fit her. 

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